Machine Tool Manufacturing is a type of machine tool manufacturing that is very strategically important for all countries of the World. The reason for this is that machine tools are known as machines that make machines.

Machine with high precision machines that we produce and VAN imports from abroad, reaching the front of the high prices will be passed to our country on an international platform that reaches the level…

CNC LANGDREHAUTOMAT THochpräzise Langdrehautomaten für Ihre Produktion!
VAN CNC Tool Machines

VAN Machine, by following the innovations and technologies in the World, provides services in sliding automat production, sales, service and training in Turkey.

VAN Machine managers (Swiss type Automatic Lathe) since 2006 By gaining experience in positions such as service, sales, sales management and country…

Machine Speed 35000 MM / DK
Acceleration 1.56 Van Machinery
Engine Power Of Rotary Tool 2096 KW
Hochpräzise Langdrehautomaten für Ihre Produktion!


  • Dovetail slide pump system is available.
  • High pressure pump system up to 40 bar is provided as standard.
  • Oil cooling option is offered as standard.
  • HFO chip breaking software is supplied as standard.
  • 75% more powerful live tool engine is used compared to its competitors.
  • Operator friendly, Industry 4.0 compatible VAN’s specific interface software is available.